Thursday, July 7, 2016

Transport Connection -> Object Changeability

Some of BW objects can be created and also changed directly in production systems. This is a case of most common objects like InfoPackages or DTP but also BEx Queries. Particular BW object can be setup in way that it can be changeable even if the BW system is set to cannot be changed (via tcode SE06).

A function available in RSA1 -> Transport Connection (or directly tcode RSOR) where the setting can be customized. 

I’m not going to discuss the possible settings in here as this is pretty much known to BW folks. However I just want to point to table where the settings are stored. It happened to me recently that I needed to check the Object Changeability but I wasn’t authorized to do so. BTW user has to have an authorization to access SETTINGS wit activity 23 = maintain this is checked by FM RSSB_AUTHORITY_ADMWB_OBJECT.

While debugging I realized that settings are stored in table RSTRACTIVE – “BW CTO Status - Content Can Not Be Changed”. The data from the table are retrieved by FM RSO_MAINTAIN_OBJ_CHANGEABLE.

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