Monday, July 18, 2016

Check Time Zone of SAP NetWeaver system

One more post regarding time zone of SAP NetWeaver system. It is for actual checking of the time zone of the system. To simply find out what is the time zone of the system there is a report: TZONECHECK - Check Time Zone Data for Consistency. By entering client and language on selection screen the real time zone of the system is displayed.

- Update 22/05/2018 –

There is another reports that may help while troubleshooting time zone issues.
1. Report TZCUSTHELP and it basically checks time zone settings. 

2. Report TZCUSTDISP it displays settings related to setup of time zone in SAP system

More information:
2006897 - How to compare timezone settings between OS and application server with report TZCUSTHELP
481835 - Analyzing the time zone settings


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