Sunday, May 1, 2016

Development package for obsolete standard BW’s DDIC Objects

Some time back I wrote about BW system Data Dictionary (DDIC) objects that are being locked for further changes. This means the changes are not foreseen to be done into these objects (stored in development package RS_DTEL_LOCKED). There is another interesting development package called BW_WHM_TO_BE_DELETED available in BW systems.

This one stores obsolete BW objects that are not supposed to be used anymore. However due to many references that may exist in SAP standard or customer ABAP programs the objects are not deleted just “parked” in this way into special development package.

As an example of the objects stored in here I list a database table “RSDDSTAT - Statistics data BW for aggregate selection and accounting”. The table was in pre 7.x versions of BW used to stored BI Statistics data. In the 7.x version is not needed anymore.

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