Monday, June 2, 2014

Logical system name has been changed for this system

This is again very common error very often seen in newly installed or copied BW systems. Similarly as it with “You can only work in client 001” error message.

Issue here is that BW’s myself system is not properly customized. It is within table RSBASIDOC which carries assignment of source systems to BW systems and IDoc types that are used for connection between the  systems.

Here’s full error message:

Logical system name has been changed for this system Message no. R3206

The logical system name of this system is EH6CLNT800. However, this system was originally created with the logical system name T90CLNT090. It is not permitted to change the logical system name, as connections to other systems will be damaged beyond repair.

System Response
The transaction is canceled.

Change the name of the logical system (table T000) for client  back to T90CLNT090. This enables you to continue working with the system.

Note: If you really want to change the logical name, read the information in SAP Note 886102.

To solve this it is necessary to adjust data in table RSBASIDOC. Basically error is triggered by FM RSA_LOGICAL_SYSTEM_BIW_GET. While the FM is checking system type of myself (field SRCTYPE = 'M' in the same table) there was an error.  Logical system name of the system which corresponds to myself in the table RSBASIDOC is not the same as BW logical system in table T100-LOGSYS.

How to correct this:

You can use FM RSAP_BIW_DISCONNECT which removes old/invalid value of myself BW system from the RSBASIDOC table. Afterwards you can use RSAP_BIW_CONNECT to get the table RSBASIDOC populated with proper logical name. If those FM do not help do deletion directly of M entry from the table RSBASIDOC. Then run FM RSA_LOGICAL_SYSTEM_BIW_GET which recreates new/valid entry for the same.


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