Thursday, September 12, 2013

Retraction of data from BW to ECC CO-PA part II

Retraction of data from BW is not that easy topic. I found out that while working with it for some time. BW developer who develops the query which does the retraction needs also to customize the ECC part. And that the tricky part of that. As I mentioned already in my previous post Retraction of data from BW to ECC CO-PA customizing is done in TA KELC. You may face an issue in the test or production system later on. While everything seems to be okay from customizing point of view but query (or retraction) cannot be found in TA KELR – where you attempt to run retraction.

Issue is that you need to change RFC entries that are still pointing into BW system which was used in development of ECC system. By standard functionality ECC doesn’t convert RFC connections. But there is a note (540278 - Retractor: Changes to BW system after Customizing transport) which provide ABAP repot which can do the change of RFC connection name for you.

However there might be other issues. E.g. in TA KELR; even when you have proper RFC in all tables there is an error. You may want to check following views/tables:

V_TKEBWLT               BW-CO-PA Field Assignment: Initial Screen
V_TKEBWLT2              BW-CO-PA Field Assignment: BW Query Operating Concern
          TKEBWLRTRE  BW-CO-PA Transfer: Assignment On BW System OpConc. Level

 But it doesn’t run. Instead of that following is the error:

No date set Message no. KE321
No date has been set in the transferred field. date fields transferred:
PERIO (period/year):
BUDAT (posting date): 00.00.0000
GJAHR (fiscal year):
PERDE (period):
System Response
Record was stored in the error file.
Enter either "PERIO" or "BUDAT" or a combination of "GJAHR/PERDE".
SYST: Period 000 not defined Message no. AF003
No provision is made for period 000. It is outside of the period interval as specified by the number of the ordinary and special periods in fiscal year version K4.
Check your entries. It is possible that there is a program error, if you have not entered the period yourself. In this case, inform your system administrator.

The issue is most likely caused running of your query with different operating concern as it was supposed to. You may use other op.concern before and once you didn't log out from ECC it still remembers last op.concern used. Therefore clear and set proper operating concern in TA KEBC. Then re-run KELR.

Happy retraction! J

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