Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Useful class for coding of BW routines in Transformations

Recently I came across a coding in ABAP rule in transformation where simple method from class CL_RSAR_FUNCTION was used. It was method fiscper_calmonth. This simple method derives calendar month (0CALMONTH) as per given fiscal period (0FISCPER).

I had a look into other methods in same class and I found it very interesting. Method contains 55 methods in total in release BW 7.3 SP08. Some of them are very useful. Basic calendar and string function are there. For overview I’m providing full list of methods below. I’m sure I’ll use this class in my next BW developments.

ABORT_PACKAGE Function: Abort Package
ADD_TO_DATE Function: Add Days to Date
CALMONTH_FISCPER Function: Calendar Month ->Fiscal Period
CONDENSE Function: Condense
CONDENSE_NO_GAPS Function: Condense No Gaps
DATECONV Function: Date Conversion
DATE_DIFF Function: Date Difference
DATE_FISCPER Function: Date -> Fiscal Period
DATE_FISCPER3 Function: Date -> Fiscal Period 3
DATE_FISCYEAR Function: Date -> Fiscal Year
DATE_HALFYEAR Function: Date -> Half-Year
DATE_MONTH Function: Date -> Month
DATE_MONTH2 Function: Date -> Month 2
DATE_QUARTER Function: Date -> Quarter
DATE_QUARTER1 Function: Date -> Quarter1
DATE_WEEK Date Conversion in Calendar Week
DATE_WEEKDAY Function: Date -> Weekday (Textual)
DATE_WEEKDAY1 Function: Date -> Weekday (Technical)
DATE_YEAR Function: Date -> Calendar Year
FIRST_WORKINGDAY_MONTH Calculation of First Working Day in Month
FIRST_WORKINGDAY_YEAR Calculation of First Working Day in Month
FISCPER_CALMONTH Function: Fiscal Period -> Calendar Month
FISCPER_FISCYEAR Function: Fiscal Period -> Fiscal Year
IF Function: IF Statement
IS_INITIAL Function: Is Initial
LAST_WORKINGDAY_MONTH Calculation of Last Working Day in Month
LAST_WORKINGDAY_YEAR Calculation of Last Working Day in Year
LEFT Function: Left
L_TRIM Function: Left Trim
MAPPING Function: Field Mapping Transfer Structure
MONTH2_HALFYEAR Function: Month 2 -> Half-Year
MONTH2_QUARTER1 Function: Month 2-> Quarter1
MONTH_HALFYEAR Function: Month -> Half-Year
MONTH_QUARTER Function: Month -> Quarter
MONTH_QUARTER1 Function: Month -> Quarter1
MONTH_YEAR Function: Month -> Calendar Year
NEGATIVE Function: Reverse +/- Sign
QUARTER1_HALFYEAR Function: Quarter 1-> Half-Year
QUARTER_HALFYEAR Function: Quarter -> Half-Year
QUARTER_YEAR Function: Quarter -> Calendar Year
REPLACE_ALL Function: Replace All
REPLACE_FIRST Function: Replace First
RIGHT Function: Right
R_TRIM Function: Right Trim
SHIFT_LEFT Function: Shift Left
SHIFT_RIGHT Function: Shift Right
SKIP_RECORD Function: Skip Record
SKIP_RECORD_AS_ERROR Function: Skip Record (With Error Message in Monitor)
STR_LEN Function: strlen
UNIT_CONVERSION Function: Unit Conversion
WEEK_FIRST_DAY Calendar Week Conversion in First Day of Week Date
WORKINGDAY_MONTH Function: Date -> Working Day of Corresponding Month
WORKINGDAY_YEAR Function: Date -> Working Day of Corresponding Year
AMOUNT_DAYS_OF_MONTH Number of Days in Month
GREATER_OF_TWO_MONTH Which of 2 Months Has More Days Within Period

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