Friday, May 24, 2013

BEx Query Designer: Usage of NODIM function in formulas

Data function in BW BEx Query Designer NODIM is used to remove unit or currencies from key figures. It is useful while you need to calculate over key figures with different units or currencies.

Unless you employ using the NODIM you will get messages like MIXED VALUES or similar depending on customizing (SPRO - > BW - > Reporting-relevant Settings - > General Reporting Settings - > Display of Numerical Values in the Business Explorer).

How you use the function within BEx Query Designer’s formulas?

If you put it like this:

It is not correct. While you run report you get message:

Element  is not correctly defined check the query definition

Additional elements are added to the item Variance that do not have the same dimension, for example, quantities and amounts or amounts and ratios.

If you the addition is still meaningful, you can hide the dimensionality of one or both partial outputs with the operator 'NODIM'. The system then understands this partial output as a dimensionless number.

Correct way of using NODIM function is:

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