Saturday, March 24, 2012

Monitor 2 screen of DTPs

In BW of version 7.x so called monitor 2 screen has appeared. As it is not available for InfoPackages I assume it was introduced just in version 7.x. I found it by accident by right clicking in area of DTP’s maintenance screen. If you choose item MON2 from menu you get to this screen.

Screen allows browsing for another DTP and what you basically see is all the instances of this DTP. It contains status (U and T) of particular data load request, request ID, its time stamps. From here you can jump to from to monitor of this request, you can execute DTP, delete it and set its QM status to red and green.

Request status can have following values: 

0 New 
1 Executable 
2 Processed Successfully 
3 Processed with Errors 
4 Deleted 
5 Active 
6 Processed, with Warnings 
7 Further Processing Started 
8 Processed Further 
9 Deletion Started 
A Further Processing Terminated 

I was digging deeper to see what ABAP code is behind this screen. It is function module RSBK_MONITOR_SHOW what is being called here. In my eyes screen can be handy mostly for support people. I was not aware of this screen and looking forward to hear some comments from you how do you using this functionality.

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