Tuesday, May 10, 2011

FindGrid – first outcome of semantic projects at SAP

Semantics as a “study of meaning” has a huge potential within business application as well. Therefore it is no wonder SAP focuses on that too. Within so called semantic business application the aim is to build application that would provide values leveraging capabilities of semantics. In principle it is about capturing and preserving any specific knowledge. You can imagine this like if you would connect brain of experts in your organization and plug it to computer to preserve this knowledge. Apparently this is not possible just we are striving for software that would help us in this way. Here comes FindGrid pilot. It support e.g. researchers within the organization while they doing analyses. They can collect information from any source; help the user in this process with automating analyzing of keywords, assign information; evaluate it etc. Application is supporting it by use cases which represent main research domains of like researches for product, market, customer analyses.

FindGrid is at the moment only code name for this project. Application is not available to all the customers yet only to the selected one which are a part of product development.

See vides available on youtube:
·         FindGrid Application Demo
·         FindGrid – Introduction
·         The story of FindGrid
·         One Minute FindGrid


Kevin Joyner said...

Anything new on this lately?

Martin Maruskin said...

Hi Kevin,
looks SAP is quite on this solution. After version 1.0 delivered in 2012 there i snot much new...
Pls refer to SAP help pages for the version 1.0: