Friday, December 31, 2010

Limitations of DTP’s filter

Recently I encounter interesting behavior regarding amount of entries that DTP’s filter is able to populate. I created ABAP routine to fill up entries in filter. Since my routine produced quite big portion of data; I was curious how much entries is system capable to process.

For first run my routine produced over 1mil records. However data load in general was not successful. It was set to red with following message BRAIN299:

I still have an impression that load could be successful since I compared the data entries produced in filter and apparently they all were processed correctly. So I assume load would be OK.
Afterwards I tried to lower number of entries produced by my DTP Filter routine. My intention was to get number of entries which system is able to process without this error. I succeeded with 21.001 entries. All higher entries like 21.002 ended again with error mentioned above.

There is following note available on OSS:

According this Note seems that this restriction was even lower in past. Till SP#16 restriction was 10.000 records. Since I did my testing in system based on SP#20; here’s restriction is 21.001 records. Would be interesting to check either this restriction is removed in newest version 7.3 of BW.


Unknown said...

could you show me a sample of the routine? I wrote one to populate a simple range selection in a DTP from an infoset into a cube. However, the l_t_range structure was populated but somehow it is not used when running the DTP.

Martin Maruskin said...

Hi Claudia, here's code:

CLEAR: wa_range, lv_ind.

wa_range-iobjnm = 'ZIO'.
wa_range-fieldname = '/BIC/ZIO'.
wa_range-sign = 'I'.
wa_range-option = 'EQ'.

DO 21001 TIMES.
lv_ind = lv_ind + 1.
wa_range-low = lv_ind.
APPEND wa_range TO l_t_range.