Thursday, October 21, 2010

Maximum number of sessions in SAP GUI

User are from time to time wondering about how many simultaneous sessions in SAP GUI they can have. It was even surprising to me when I got this question when I did my SAP BW certification :-). There is also funny point that for some people to be efficient while working is enough to have 2-3 sessions as maximum. On other hand there are people who need at least 7-8 session to get some job to be done :-)

Anyway let clear this doubt out. Basically the number of session depends on version of SAP Application Server or let say SAP Basis is your SAP installation based on. It is like following in very old version of Basis like 4.6X the maximum number was 6, then in WAS versions 6.XX the max no is 10 and finally in AS 7.XX it is 16.

You might wonder that for example you running WAS 6.10 and you experienced situation it is was not possible to open 7 not even 10 session in parallel. Well, in that case you SAP administrator had limited this. There is system profile parameter by which the limitation is possible. The parameter is called rdisp/max_alt_modes.

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