Sunday, October 17, 2010

A legacy of SAP TEchEd 2010 – Berlin

Again it is same as every year. I had no opportunity to attend this year TechEd – European part hold in Berlin last week (12-14th of October 2010). However I tried to absorb information as it was available virtually at site. Even I was able to see some of my friends on videos e.g. from Demo Jam. So what was so hot and excited about this year TechEd? There were few things..

1.    Introduction of SAP NetWeaver 7.3: As said in official statement SAP back in  defending of its platform as NetWeaver. Fuzzy and unclear care of NetWeaver by SAP which was followed by not recommending of NetWeaver to be used for customers by industry analysts; we see that NetWeaver is back at full of power.

2.    Innovation without disruption: Vishal Sikka used this term referring to turning existing SAP technology into new level while NetWeaver is not only integrating people, data, and processes but it does in real-time and without disruption. Meaning that current SAP landscapes can be either upgraded in that non disruptive way; can be moved into the could – complementing existing on-premise solutions; or can be used in “mobile style” using SAP/ Sybase Unwired Platform.
3.    3 focus areas: Mobility, In-memory analytics applications, cloud computing. The most interesting for is In-memory initiative. SAP calls this initiative as HANA - High-Performance Analytic Appliance. The aim is to turn more portions of data from its traditional storage like disk arrays into the operational memory of servers. Another point is that data here will be combined from different types (transactional and analytics) and from different sources. Data is suppose to be organized and accessed in columnar database style. Solution will be delivered in form of appliance as e.g. existing BW Accelerating is delivered. You can read what HANA is going to be all about in case of BW here.

I’m sure there were plenty of other important things to be seen, discussed etc. One day maybe I experience TechEd personally :)

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