Friday, June 18, 2010

Layered Scalable Architecture (LSA) of SAP

Is concept that can be used for modeling of Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). Concept as itself is dividing and grouping your EDW objects into dedicated horizontal layers. Those layers represent services for particular tasks (Data acquisition, Consolidation, Propagation, Reporting, etc.) Such a concept tends from raw, granular unconsolidated data to business specific information and intelligence. Furthermore there can be implemented also vertical domains across organizational structures, regions or time zones in for of semantic partitioning across all layers.

Such a concept is pursuing all the holy grails of DW like single version of truth, non-silos data, solid and non-volatile data basis etc. Basically definition of LSA by SAP is reference architecture to design transparent, complete, comprehensive customer DWH architectures (Customer LSA). This does describes corporate standards to build BI applications in a performant, maintainable, flexible manner.

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