Saturday, May 8, 2010

Problem with SAP NetWeaver? Use SAP’s PAG !

Recently I found very nice collection of useful tips how to solve particular problems within SAP software. It is provided directly by SAP and it is called Problem Analysis Guide (PAG). Basically it is a list of Problem Analysis scenarios (PAS). This includes all the activities and sequence’s of activities which needs to be performed in order to solve particular problem related to SAP NetWeaver installation. It does contain a list of tool supposed to be used in identification/solving of problems as well. More over description of problem behavior how it can be identified within system’s logs. Following areas are covered in PAG according SAP NW usage types:

·         Usage Type Application Server ABAP
·         Usage Type Application Server Java
·         Usage Type Enterprise Portal
·         Usage Type Mobile Infrastructure
·         Usage Type Business Intelligence
·         Usage Type Process Integration
·         Usage Type Development Infrastructure
·         Administration of Standalone Engines
·         General Administration: Security

In case of SAP NW BW there are documented possible problems within UD Connect and Business Planning – in particular BW-IP. Hope more content about BW topics will be covered soon.

PAG is available via online documentation site here.

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Thanks for an useful link!