Thursday, May 28, 2009

Most famous BW backend SAP developer

During my all long SAP tenure I got used that if I really need to understand how and why system is behaving like it does I need to start up debugger and debug it. Since very first time I started with BW I noticed ABAP code commented out by one particular SAP employee called Matthias Lux. There are some many places within code where his simple statements like:

*break luxm. "#EC NOBREAK

If you ever debugged any SAP BW code you anticipated it.

He contributes into a lot of SAP Notes related to BW, like following one: 978194 - 70SP10: RSAOLTP 380 when activating DataStore object 
I have no clue how much people from SAP AG is working on new releases, support packages, etc. of SAP BW but they might be around hundred people. So I consider Mr. Lux is greater contributor to SAP BW backend development, his contribution can be comparable to involvement of Dr. ABAP to overall SAP technology. Good job Mr. Lux; keep going.

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Anonymous said...

Matthias lux is very hardworking and dedicated to his work. Sometimes working until his work is perfect. Good Job!! Matthias!!