Thursday, May 28, 2009

The highest data load "Request ID" no. you ever seen in SAP BW system?

Recently I noticed in system of my current costumer quite high no. of data load request ID. I was wondering if this is the highest no that I ever seen. Actually I wasn’t very interesting in that so far; so it might be that I’ve seen higher no in other system before.

Request ID is being generated in system by number range (TA SNRO, table for range is NRIV) called RS_OBJNUMG within a range from 0000001 to 9999000. This means 9,9 millions data requests you can have. A database table where Request IDs are stored is RSICCONT in columns RNSIDLAST. It is very important to have consistent Request IDs while you coping SAP BW systems or migrating. Also notice that you must not to transport number ranges values from one system to another; that might cause serious problems.

P.S. What’s your highest no of "Request ID"? :o)

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