Saturday, November 22, 2008


I have found few interesting SAP notes  where a phrase “Dr. ABAP” is appearing in sections like “Additional key words” like in note 212462 or it is mentioned in comments on ABAP code correction attached to notes. I was wondering what this mysterious term of Dr. ABAP could imagine. Based on research I did on internet it seems that this was a kind of nickname of Mr. Axel Kurka former SAP guy who greatly contributed to development of ABAP engine, NetWeaver Application Server and lot of others SAP’s technologies. Axel is considered as one of ABAP fathers. His nickname was present in his articles published in “SAP Technical Journal” magazine (currently being published under name SAP Professional Journal).
Acknowledges of Axel’s work has been published in several SAP resources, e.g. by Mr. Andreas Blumenthal and Horst Keller in their article; on site Let me join them. Thank you Axel, RIP.

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