Saturday, November 8, 2008

BI book review I

I have done reading of Gary Nolan’s book: Efficient SAP NetWeaver BI Implementation and Project Management.  First of all this is my first non technical BI book. As I’m used to read mostly technology books, SAP notes, technical white papers, SDN forums, etc. That’s why this book was quite unique. Not so many technical issue discussed in detail - just to notification of them and few tips how to solved them and even avoid them.
As first BI project is introduced in all of its flavors and regardless of BI product release. It is clearly stated here what BW is and what is not, what to expect out of it, what makes project successful etc. Basically a term of “what it takes a BI project” and all kinds of BI projects are discussed here from all of its phases (project planning -> gathering and analyzing requirements -> development/build/testing -> preparing GoLive -> after GoLive). Author is utilizing his broad experience and describing all potential issues within project. From this point of view book is very useful.
Other helpful staff in book is examples of BI project deliverables like: standards documents, project plans, naming conventions, check lists, test scripts, etc.
For more details see book homepage at SAP Press or at Galileo Press.

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I read SAP Business Intelligence (SAP Press, Galileo Press) authored by Egger, Fiechter, Kramer....) but was dismayed.

Not very clear on many concepts.