Friday, June 13, 2008

SAP NetWeaver Administration (NWA)

Since leading technology platform of SAP is adaptable in terms of SOA in different architectures and is running on two "world": JAVA and ABAP a tools used for administrating whole NW differs. Currently there are following SAP NetWeaver Administration Tools:

1. Adaptive Computing Controller (ACC)

Within an Adaptive Computing Environment the ACC manages all tasks dealing with administrational and operational responsibilities required by a complex business oriented landscape. ACC provides a single point of control (SPOC) to operate, observe and manage an adaptive business solution provided by SAP NW running on a Computing Infrastructure. In terms of virtualization ACC does do following (as examples):

  • Runs SAP application services on a pool of servers (switchover) without a change of the configuration.
  • Prepares file systems on central storage system and mount to the server.

From technical point of view ACC software works with SAP Solution Manager, SAP Web Application Server, SAP Gateway to fulfill such a tasks. ACC is available on OSS -> Adaptive Computing Controller.

2. SAP Management Console (SAP MC)

For every SAP Basis guy this is very well known tool. It is used for bootstrapping activities like starting or stopping a system/instance (both/dual Stack: ABAP&JAVA), display of processes and threads, basic log analysis. In case you are running MS Windows based installation of SAP it is a snap-in to Microsoft Management Console (MMC). New versions of this tool are JAAV based and accessible and operated form web browser it has a brand new User Interface (UI). Learn more.

3. Visual Administrator (VA) (in JAVA Stack of NW)

VA is a graphical user interface (GUI) that enables administration of all cluster elements and all modules running on them. It provides remote monitoring and management of managers, services, libraries, and interfaces working on each element in a single GUI. Tool is used for changing system parameters at runtime (online configuration). Learn more.

4. SAP Landscape Administration and Java System Administration

As the central tool for landscape wide administration SAP has dedicated Solution Manager (SOLMAN or SM) via its components Work Centers. From landscape wide administration point of view there are two flavours:

The central flavour of the NWA is integrated into the SM’s Work Centers: “Administration” and “Monitoring” (available in SP15 of SM 4.0).

The local flavour of the NWA will continue to be used for system administration i.e. the administration and monitoring of individual SAP systems in the landscape. The functionalities of the Visual Administrator are being gradually moved to the local flavor of NWA in SAP NW 7.0. The migration has been completed in the NWA of SAP NW 7.1 and Visual Administrator will no longer be available in SAP NW 7.1. Learn more.

5. Config Tool

Config Tool enables offline configuration of Java Engine cluster elements concerning service's and manager's properties, adding new server processes, changing Java parameters, exporting the system configuration to an XML file, and so on. Learn more.

6. Central DB Management (TA DBACOCKPIT)

Managing large system landscapes with different database platforms is increasingly becoming the DBA's day-to-day business. SAP now offers the new DBA Cockpit that allows you to monitor all your databases using only one tool. Learn more.

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Every BASIS guy running on "good enough" solutions on MS SERVER, real engineers you the command line because it enables you to automate redundant tasks, basically you automate support so you can focus on projects or you are adding to total cost of ownership and become useless.