Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Databases supported by SAP

There is a huge variety of supported database systems (in brackets you can find SAP code of particular DB system, this code is internal mark of DB, e.g. in debugger you can see it as value of variable sy-dbsys):

Adabas/SAP DB (ada) or since version 7.5 MaxDB (sdb)
Microsoft SQL Server (mss)
Oracle (ora)
IBM DB2/390 (db2)
IBM DB2/400 (db4)
IBM DB2 UDB (db6)
Informix (inf)
Sybase ASE (syb)        //added 31.8.2011
HANA Database (hdb)  //added 28.9.2011

DB supported only by BW: Teradata (td) // added 31.12.2013

Details of DB for SAP BI system can be found here.
All information related to supported operation and database systems see on SDN.

- update 31/08/2011 - 
As SAP acquired Sybase in first half of year 2011 there is a new DB platform supported soon. Yep, it will be Sybase's Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE). Previously this DB was called Sybase SQL Server. BTW that's the DB which has same roots as Microsoft SQL Server. According SDN's DB page SAP is porting its Business Suite (SAP ERP 6.05) application to Sybase ASE. This was supposed to be done in June 2011. Other SAP’s products supporting Sybase ASE will be CRM and SRM.

- update 05/09/2011 - 
SAP is currently porting BW to Sybase ASE DB as well. There are couple of Notes pointing to that:
BW on Sybase's ASE has even its own component within SAP Marketplace:
BW-SYS-DB-SYB BW on Sybase ASE Database Platform

- update 28/09/2011 -
SAP is currently porting its BW product to HANA database. Rump up program for customers to run BW on HANA as its database start in Nov. 2011. From that point of view SAP is being supporting another database.

- update 11/03/2013 -
SAP ERP’s flagship software call ERP Central Component (ECC) is running on Sybase ASE as well.

- update 12/31/2013 -
SAP BW as of 7.3 is also capable to run on Teradata database. It is possible via technology called Bridge System. This possibility appeared beginning of year 2011. For details see Notes: 1560115 - Teradata Foundation for BW : Composite BW Note, 1557211 - Composite note for Teradata Foundation. Also see SAP Notes of component: BW-SYS-DB-TD

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