Friday, July 23, 2021

Checking status of cube behavior – BW4HANA

For overview on this topic and BW classic related specific information see following post: Checking status of cube behavior – BW classic.

In BW4/HANA based system there is no information about real-time behavior persistently stored in database like is in BW classic. Instead, the behavior (whether it is loading/staging or planning mode) is evaluated on the fly while user request the change of the behavior. For example if user triggers the behavior change system checks what real-time behavior is set currently and subsequently is changes it to opposite one.

Behavior change in t-code RSMNG:

Behavior change in BW Cockpit:

Information on aDSO behavior in RSMNG t-code is available by clicking on Information button in its toolbar.

The current mode is seems NOT stored persistently in database. Unlike of classic BW -> see: Checking status of cube behavior. Instead it is determined during runtime by ABAP class CL_RSD_RSAWBN_PLCUBE.

For an aDSO objects it is available in table called RSOADSO (Datastore Object) and field is PLANNING_MODE. Just give the aDSO tech name into ADSONM field and A value to OBJVERS field. This is a straightforward way to determine the real-time behavior of the aDSO. However, this table just stores the settings of the aDSO as can be setup in BW Modelling tools. See details here: Flavors of aDSO object

Below are other produceres how to determine the same:

1) Query table RSPMPROCESS with selection:

PROCESS_TYPE                = PLAN

PROCESS_ID                    = */CPMB/ARI* //your planning enabled aDSO object


Then sort a result set via field PROCESS_TSN and check value of PROCESS_STATUS field. If it is Y means PLANNIG request is active in the aDSO thus whole aDSO is in PLANNIG mode. If the PROCESS_STATUS field has value G (Finished) means there is no open yellow planning request in the aDSO thus it is in LOADING mode. Logic that handles flipping of aDSO mealtime behavior is coded in ABAP class: IF_RSPLS_ADSO_API~SET_PLANNING_MODE (CL_RSPLS_ADSO_API).

2) If above-mentioned procedure does not work, you may try this one. Enter the table  RSPMPROCESS with following selection


PROCESS_TYPE                    = PLAN

UNIQUE_TARGET_DATA        = */CPMB/ARI* //your planning enabled aDSO object


Then sort a result set via field PROCESS_TSN in descending way and check value of PROCESS_STATUS field. If the value is Y means the aDSO is in planning mode with active planning request.

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