Friday, July 23, 2021

Checking status of cube behavior – BW4HANA

For overview on this topic and BW classic related specific information see following post: Checking status of cube behavior – BW classic.

In BW4/HANA based system there is no information about real-time behavior persistently stored in database like is in BW classic. Instead, the behavior (whether it is loading/staging or planning mode) is evaluated on the fly while user request the change of the behavior. For example if user triggers the behavior change system checks what real-time behavior is set currently and subsequently is changes it to opposite one.

Behavior change in t-code RSMNG:

Behavior change in BW Cockpit:

Information on aDSO behavior in RSMNG t-code is available by clicking on Information button in its toolbar.

The current mode is stored persistently in database. For an aDSO objects it is available in table called RSOADSO (Datastore Object) and field is PLANNING_MODE. Just give  the aDSO tech name into ADSONM field and A value to OBJVERS field. This is a straightforward way to determine the real-time behavior of the aDSO.

Below are other produceres how to determine the same:

1) Query table RSPMPROCESS with selection:

PROCESS_TYPE                = PLAN

PROCESS_ID                    = */CPMB/ARI* //your planning enabled aDSO object


Then sort a result set via field PROCESS_TSN and check value of PROCESS_STATUS field. If it is Y means PLANNIG request is active in the aDSO thus whole aDSO is in PLANNIG mode. If the PROCESS_STATUS field has value G (Finished) means there is no open yellow planning request in the aDSO thus it is in LOADING mode. Logic that handles flipping of aDSO mealtime behavior is coded in ABAP class: IF_RSPLS_ADSO_API~SET_PLANNING_MODE (CL_RSPLS_ADSO_API).

2) If above-mentioned procedure does not work, you may try this one. Enter the table  RSPMPROCESS with following selection


PROCESS_TYPE                    = PLAN

UNIQUE_TARGET_DATA        = */CPMB/ARI* //your planning enabled aDSO object


Then sort a result set via field PROCESS_TSN in descending way and check value of PROCESS_STATUS field. If the value is Y means the aDSO is in planning mode with active planning request.

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