Wednesday, June 30, 2021

RSREQREDUCE in BW4 - Request Management Housekeeping

T-code RSREQREDUCE (I wrote a blog post about it here) that is present in classic BW systems (since version 74) was redesigned in case of BW4 system. One of the main drivers for a change is that there are no cubes anymore in BW4. The no of requests reduction incorporated into t-code RSA1 (even the BW4’s RSA1 t-code is much more simplified then it use to be in classic BW) under Housekeeping Tasks -> Request Housekeeping or it can be called standalonly via t-code RSREQREDUCE.

In contrary to classic BW the t-code does not display a list of critical data targets right away once it was triggered. Instead, it shows a selection screen which looks like following (screenshot based on BW4 2.0 SP06):

From there it is possible to choose for which Object Type (aDSO, etc) operation of reducing no of requests will be performed. It is possible to select also InfoAreas as Object Type thus the operation can be one on several objects per one shot.

Request reduction operation can be done in simulation mode too (radio button Simulate Housekeeping). That mode certainly helps to understand how many request can be reduced. That is definitely helpful.

On other hand, I liked that the t-code RSREQREDUCE displayed a list of critical data targets right away once it was triggered in BW classic system. However, as the functionality of t-code RSREQREDUCE was reworked the list of critical data targets can be pulled up via ABAP program RSSTATMAN_REQ_REDUCE_DIALOG. Thus old function is still there in BW4 system.

t-code RSREQREDUCE coded in:

                    ABAP program                          ABAP FM/ABAP class


BW4             RSPM_HOUSEKEEPING                           CL_RSPM_HOUSEKEEPING


Technically the t-code is pointing ot ABAP program RSPM_HOUSEKEEPING and processing logic is coded in ABAP class CL_RSPM_HOUSEKEEPING.


More information:

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