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miniSAP - SAP NetWeaver 7.52 SP04, installation

It is being quite a tradition for last few years that SAP published on yearly basis an ABAP development environment for developers. Last year it was SAP NetWeaver 7.52 SP01. This year it is SAP NetWeaver 7.52 SP04. I normally call these versions as “miniSAP” even thou this term is not used anymore by SAP. Due to some legal restrictions (SAP can’t distribute installed software) the ABAP developer edition comes as a set of installation files. This time it is 11 files most of them 1,4GB of volume each. These files as usual can be downloaded from SAP Community Trials and Downloads site. To download it just search for “7.52 SP04” like via this link. A part of the install file an OS is needed. Here normally I go with open version of SUSE Linux called openSUSE currently in version 15.1 64 bit. A plenty of other Linux OS are supported see below official installation guide. As VM environment I used VirtualBox.

Again within this release of the ABAP developer edition an installation procedure is very well described in blog by Julie Plummer -> see below the first link under more information. Thus, I’m not providing the installation step by step. I just focus on one issue that I faced.

Notes related to VirtualBox:

1 No Menu Devices shown in the VM window: in case a Menu Devices of VirtualBox is not shown (needed to install Guest Additions): just exit from scale mode (Right Ctrl + C). Then 'Devices' menu will appear.

2 Installation of VirtualBox Guest Additions into the VM: add new optical drive to the VM, point it to e.g. "c:\Program Files\VirtualBox\VBoxGuestAdditions.iso"
then run command in VM: /run/media//VBox_FAs_5.2.8/
to get the VirtualBox Guest Additions installed in your VM. I needed it because I took a slice different approach while unpacking the installation file. In the installation guide (see below the first link under more information) the files are copied to your VM and un-rar-ed there. I unpacked it in my host OS and via the VirtualBox Guest Additions’s Shared Folders I made them available in my VM as well.

3 Elevation of admin rights that are needed to run the install: elevate user admin rights: use command "sudo su" or "sudo -i"

Notes to the installation itself:
Once installation runs as started via command: “./” following message related to license can be observed:

My install was aborted only once and that was due to following error I faced:

ERROR      2019-11-11 01:40:34.324 (root/sapinst) (startInstallation) [iaxxbjsmod.cpp:83] id=modlib.jslib.caughtException errno=MUT-03025
Caught ESAPinstException in module call: Assertion failed: Unable to verify database access for login SAPSR3. Refer to trace file sapinst_dev.log for further information.

This was pretty much same error message I got last year while installing SAP NetWeaver 7.52 SP01. So I thought it has something to do with expired Sybase DB license that contains the file located at /sybase/NPL/SYSAM02_0/licenses/SYBASE_ASE_TestDrive.lic. However, in my case the file was correctly pointing to March 31st 2021 means it wasn’t expired. In attempt to fix this issue I tried to follow up a comment located in SDN thread. Basically the trick was in the setup of /etc/hosts file. Normally the file format shall be like following: vhcalnplci vhcalnplci.dummy.nodomain

But I put it as opposite: vhcalnplci.dummy.nodomain vhcalnplci

After restarting the linux server (the VM) the installation shall be kicked off with OS command: –s

This means the parameter -s suppresses the hostname check. Employing a different format of /etc/hosts the installation worked like a charm.

Enjoy the 7.52 SP04 miniSAP!

More information:

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