Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Time between SAP application server and server time not in sync

In case time of SAP server and server where SAP runs is not coordinated, there is an ABAP ZDATE_ILLEGAL_LOCTIME dump like below:

Category               Internal Kernel Error
Runtime Errors         ZDATE_ILLEGAL_LOCTIME
Application Component  Not assigned
Date and Time          08.04.2019 14:15:00
Short Text
     The local time on the application server is not correct.

Many SAP applications and functions are working based on premise that time always increase. When the times mentioned are not in sync it may lead to inconsistences of SAP data. These can be e.g.: generated ABAP source, inconsistent data creation by applications based on timestamps. Issue is even more relevant in today’s modern approach when SAP runs on virtual machines where it is hosted by host OS. 

Normally when this situation is observed a particular SAP application server on which the issue occurred must be shut down immediately. Afterwards OS must be checked but no reset of the OS time can be done if the SAP application server is still running. In some cases issue is with Network Time Protocol (NTP) that is responsible to synchronize times in a distributed SAP system among SAP servers and database server.

More information:
2535959 - Dump ZDATE_ILLEGAL_LOCTIME occurs, what should be analyzed

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