Sunday, March 10, 2019

EPM-BPC error: Not possible to open report

Normally an EPM add in of MS Excel used as interface to BPC server needs to have a temporary folder with read/write access rights to properly work with the BPC reports. At first place this can be set in settings of the Excel under Save where is a property called “Default personal templates location”. However, in some organization users may not be allowed to change this setting.

In case the setting “Default personal templates location” that points to folder into which user has no write access then any attempt to open report/template/layout from BPC server does not succeed and BPC log (under EPM add-in menu More->Log) raises following message:

ERROR|FilesManagement|FPMXL.Client.OpenSaveServerManager.DownloadedFileFromServer|||||VSTA_Main|Access to path “...” is denied.#

Luckily, there is another option. The Location of default folder for save/open of local data can be changed via User Option in EPM add-in under Server Configuration there is a setting called “Default Folder for Local Open/Save”. Once this local settings point to any folder where write access is granted user it is possible to open report/template/layout from BPC server w/o any issues.

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