Monday, February 18, 2019

Loading large flat files via SAP GUI into BW

Recently I needed to upload a large flat file into BW object. A size of the file was above 100MB. I was using classical data flow for uploads of the flat files. Means the file was uploaded via infopackage to PSA. From there there was a DTP to upload it further.

When I ran the upload to the PSA I got following error in the upload monitor:

Not enough memory for Data Provider
Message No. FES013

SAP GUI file functions have a limitations on the size of file to be uploaded / downloaded. That was clear to me. However my impression was that the issue can occur with the files a way too larger than just 100MB. However when I did a split of the file into smaller chunks I realized that ideal file size that work within any issues is below 20MB. Which is quite small portion of data. I used SAP GUI version 740 which is quite new. Therefore this finding was a surprise to me. 

Within SAP Note 875871 they mention that this limit is tied to user workstation where SAP GUI is running. They specifically mention that issues are present when there is only 1 or 2 GB of RAM available at user workstation. This wasn’t really my case as I worked with laptop having 8GB of RAM.

All in all it is quite surprising that in today’s age of big data there is such issue. Only solution is to either do split of files to smaller chunks (ideally below 20MB) or upload the whole file into application server of BW and upload it from there.

More information:
875871 - DP: Memory bottleneck when you upload very large files

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