Friday, January 18, 2019

Locks set in BW system by BEx tools

When BW query is opened in BEx Query Designer similarly to when the BW query runs in BEx Query Analyzer there are a locks set in the BW system. There is a reason for that.

Each query is represented by generated ABAP report GP* that executes data selection from BW server to the query. We can compare the generated ABAP report as runtime processing of this BEx query. The lock is set while the ABAP report is generated.

Locks by BEx QD:

Lock by query run:

Normally the locks are not observed by regular BW user runing the query. However in the case that several users are running the same query there can be a message shown like following:

Object requested is currently locked by user (MC601, MC 601)

Every change to the query triggers it regeneration. More complex the query is more time it requires to regenerate. You can manually regenerate the query in t-code RSRT or via ABAP report RSR_GEN_DIRECT_ALL_QUERIES.

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