Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Issues while setting up SAP RFC Connector for NodeJS (node-rfc) connector

In one of my last posts I wrote about nodejs RFC Connector provided by SAP to connect SAP backend systems. The Connector works very well. However, while I was setting it up I faced few issues. I’m listing them here with solutions how to overcome them; perhaps it will be useful for someone else too.

1. Library MSVCP120.dll missing

One of prerequisites of nodejs RFC Connector is that SAP NW RFC SDK needs to be present on machine which will be used for making called to the SAP system. However sometimes SAP NW RFC SDK is not installed correctly on the machine. Basic check of the installation is to run command rfcexec. In case of issue there is an error like:
The program can’t start because MSVCP120.dll is missing...

Solution is to install Microsoft Visual C++ (2010, 2013, or newer depending on your OS platform) Redistributable component. Once installed there shall be following output of rfcexec:

2. NPM module xyz can’t be found

On attempt to run nodejs app using the Connector call there is a following error thrown:

Error: The specified module could not be found.

Basically the node-rfc tries to find rfc.node in specific folder /build/rfc but it's not in there because by default when it is installed another subfolder is placed there. In my case on OS Windows it is the subfolder "win32_x64". Solution is to just move or copy the rfc.node file to one level up.

3. Issues related to path variable.
As mentioned in point no.1 SAP NW RFC SDK needs to be present on the machine where the calls will be performed from. The folder where the SDK is installed needs to be included in path variable e.g.:


Anonymous said...

I had the issue that the file sapnwrfc.node wasnt found. after i set the PATH variable to the lib folder, everything worked fine

Martin Maruskin said...

thanks for information and contribution to my blog!

Anonymous said...

is there any alternate way to make it work with out setting path variable? We are trying to setup this in cloud.