Friday, January 5, 2018

Different version of BEx query in runtime vs design time?

After query changes done in BEx Query Designer it may happen then these changes are not reflected in the frontend tools like BEx Analyzer or Analysis for Office. Buffering of BW tables is to be blamed for these types of issues. In particular it is important that table RSRREPDIR - Directory of all reports is not buffered. In some BEx versions the table was setup in way that it was buffered. In case there are more application servers in the BW system landscape then the other server which wasn’t used by the BEx Query Designer is reading the query definition from buffer which is not up2date.

Either the table is or is not buffered it can be checked in tcode SE11 -> Technical Settings -> Buffering. Correct setting here is “Buffering not allowed”.

Similarly in case of running BI frontend tool like BEx Analyzer or Analysis for Office on server with more than one application server there can be different results provided by the frontend tool. Again this can be due to table buffering.

More information:
958250 - Query displayed according to obsolete query definition
964390 - Different application Server shows different query result.

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