Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Process chains having BPC processes executed only synchronously

In case of Process Chain that contains BPC related processes by default it doesn’t run a synchronously. Means if there are any parallel flows in the PC they just run one by one. Next one just starts when previous one is finished. This may look strange on first time as one would expect that parallel flow simply runs in parallel (asynchronously). But it has an explanation. As per below SAP Notes if PC triggered by BPC process chain '/CPMB/TRIGGER_BW_CHAIN' then no message is not sent out and whole PC is executed in synchronous mode.
The BPC processes that can be involved in such a PC can be anything that is dealing with objects using namespace '/CPMB/’.

To fix this and be able to run also the PCs with the BPC processes asynchronously below 1st Note must be implemented and parameter called 'TRIGGER_BW_CHAIN_ASYNC' must be set to X in BPC customizing.

More information:
2151670 - Process chain does not send out a message if it is triggered by '/CPMB/TRIGGER_BW_CHAIN'

1938961 - Consulting: Process chain does not send out a message if executed synchronously

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