Thursday, April 13, 2017

BEx History not appearing in Query Designer Open dialog

Recently I observed that in my BEx Query Designer there is an empty list on History part of Open dialog pop up window. I knew that I opened many reports in the same BW system in past so it looked like that something doesn’t work. The dialog popup looked like this:

I checked and I found that personalization of BEx History is not active. To activate it is can be done in t-code RS_PERS_ACTIVATE which points to ABAP report of same name.
The t-code is also accessible via SPRO -> SAP NetWeaver -> Business Warehouse -> Settings for Reporting and Analysis -> General Settings for Reporting and Analysis -> Activate Personalization in BEx.

For me it looked like below:

After activating it it turned to this and I started to get a list of previously accessed reports in BEx QD:

The data of previously accessed reports is itself stored in DSO “Personalization Data for the BEx Open Dialog [0PERS_BOD]”. ABAP code which does the activation is encapsulated in ABAP class CL_RS_PERS_PHK and in particular in method ACTIVATE. Table RSPERSHEAD stores information whether BEx History is active or not.

Within the t-code among the BEx history if can also be activated values for BEx Variables that were selected and in case of Web applications report’s drilldowns are saved.

Further information:
1849642 - New revision of the transaction RS_PERS_ACTIVATE
1638155 - Issues related to Inactive Personalization in BEx

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