Thursday, November 3, 2016

Further checking of broken BEx queries 3 – performance

With regards to BEx query performance it is beneficial to know where is a bottleneck during the query execution. This is especially useful while investigating cases where one user is complaining about the query whereas for other it runs okay.

Wihtin t-code RSRT there is a quick way how to display statistics information about date of query runtime. You can switch this on after hitting “Execute + Debug” button.

RSRT -> enter query -> Hit "Execute + Debug" button -> new popup -> check "Display Statistics Data" -> 

After the query output there is a screen called "Statistics Data for Query Performance" displayed with 2-3* tabs (see below) having information on how much time the query execution took at different processing levels. More information about how to read the screen can be found here.

- Front-end/Calculation Layer
- Aggregation Layer
- Aggregation Layer Cluster Info
* - no of tabs may vary depending on BW system release

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