Friday, June 26, 2015

BW transport's error 1: Error activating element xyz

Today I'm starting series of blogs related to common issues with BW transport. This time it will be about BEx Queries transports. One of very common errors is that Method Execution phase of Transport Request import ends like following:

            Start of the after-import method RS_ELEM_AFTER_IMPORT for object type(s) ELEM

            Error activating element 00733D5CMRY7U21O29QA1DU8V

What is going on is very clear even form the log. System tried to activate particular BEx query component/element but failed. We may want to identify what is the component that is missing. To do this a short lookup in the tables like RSZCOMPDIR and/or RSZELTDIR can be done. Most likely it will be a query name. However this will not solve our issue. What is needed is to identify what prevented the system to activate it. In other words what is missing in the system or in transport. In most cases it is that is a just forgotten object which was not added into the transport or maybe it was removed from the transport. Also the object is not missing; it exists in the target system but is it not there in active version.

In order to find out this SAP is providing report CHECK_MISSING_ELEMENTS. What it does is analyzing given objects (query, filter, structure, restricted KF, calculated KF, variable) and it returns inconsistent elements related to given input object. Notice that you have to run the report with object version as M on selection screen.

Once missing objects is discovered by the report CHECK_MISSING_ELEMENTS it just need to be added into the transport and the transport can be reimported.


err said...

In that case usually I use Transport Connection.
I collect all elements of query and check package and request.
By my statistic - 99% a missing element is included in $TMP package or locked in other request.


Martin Maruskin said...

That is correct. thanks for sharing!