Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Comments on SAP IDES

Recently I worked on few installations of SAP IDES systems. In this post I’d like to sum up important information on the IDES systems. 

In general the IDES is demo system of SAP software. IDES means International (or Internet) Demonstration and Education System and basically it models artificial company SAP Model Company or BestRun (e.g. company code 0005- 0005) who choose to implement SAP. The system has already a lot of customization and data available right away after its installation. How the customizing/data were basically prepared? The system is copy of SAP’s internal demo system. As it is used for demo and training purposes also by SAP there are many preconfigured clients with the data.

IDES systems come in 2 flavors:

Cross-Industry Systems - are covered by following solutions: ECC, SCM, CRM, BW, SRM
Industry Systems – are presented by following ones: Retail, Defense and Public Security, Mill Products, Consumer Products, Banking

What about new version? Can I upgrade my IDES? There are no specific patches (support packs - SP) for IDES. However manual patching with SP form regular releases for particular solution may be possible.

Download of IDES is possible like every SAP software through SMP:

More information:
799639 - IDES - General Information about the usage of IDES systems

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