Thursday, April 10, 2014

Scheduling Process Chains with restrictions

Usually large SAP BW landscapes are using external tools to schedule its process chains which are loading the data and doing other activities needed to keep BW system up and running. Reason why those 3rd party scheduling tools exists and are used is that they obey limits of SAP’s standard job scheduling. The most known tools are Batchman, Control-M, UC4, Redwood, etc. But sometimes it is not necessary to turn to external tool and it is more convenient to use standard functionality.

While scheduling process chains there are a few functions which are not very known. On Start Time dialog box we have usual stuff which is same as in every other SAP job. Moreover there is a Restriction pop-up available. 

This can be used for cases where we schedule particular process chain to be executed on periodic basis but with some exceptions.  With utilizing SAP’s Calendar (TA SCAL) we can setup e.g. days on which chain should not be kicked off. By using these restriction on calendar we can implement scenarios like do not execute the chain on weekends/holidays etc.

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Martin Maruskin said...

Chains can only be created in BW back-end via SAP GUI in transactions like RSA1, RSPC, etc.