Sunday, November 10, 2013

SAP innovation mission control centre

SAP has a new offering to support SAP implementation projects. It is so called innovation mission control centre. They use a kind of NASA or control center approach to help the projects. SAP support services experts (part of SAP Active Global Support (AGS)) are using best practices to check, integrate, consolidate, leverage and run SAP solution you implementing to maximize its value.

The control centre comprises of three levels:

Innovation Control Center (ICC) - at customer’s/project location
Operations Control Center (OCC) – at customer’s/project location
Mission Control Center (MCC) – remotely located at SAP facility

Each is designed to complement the other and provide high-level support throughout the various stages of an SAP-centric solution’s lifecycle.

Current locations of mission control centers are: two in China, U.S. center in Pennsylvania, Germany, Brazil, Ireland and Mexico.

Unfortunately (usually within the SAP) more detail about the service itself is not available. I couldn’t find even one single SAP Note about it. The only one very brief presence of term “control centre” is in note 1170668 - The role of SAP Solution Manager in Remote Service Delivery. But note basically says about some of AGS services. So I’m not really sure if services described in the note are actually mission control centre services.

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