Thursday, November 29, 2012

How to check if BAdI is implemented?

There are several possibilities to do that however almost none of them is really 100% check. I will go through them and will see that you can get out of them.

Enhancement concept tables/views:

V_EXT_IMP - View of all BAdI implementations (check field ACTIVE = 'X')
V_EXT_ACT – View on active implementations for an exit 
BADIIMPL_ENH - Implementation Active/Inactive Runtime Table (check field ACTIVE = 'X')
BADIIMPLENHCUST - Implementation Active/Inactive Runtime Table (check field ACTIVE_IMG = 'X')

TA SE84: this is probably the best way

Go via Repository Information System -> Enhancements=>
Classic BAdIs (Impl.)
Enhancement Implementations
          Dictionary Enhancement Impl.
Composite Enh. Implementation

and then enter Z* or Y* for customer implementations name field

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