Wednesday, September 28, 2011

BWA Fill Level what it is and where to find it?

Speaking of BWA you might heard already about one of its parameters. It is called fill level. Usually BWA guy is asking about that Basis (or even vice versa? J). You may also hear that this parameter should be kept under certain value. 

According its definition taken from note 1517326 - BWA Support Toolkit it is:

Ratio of disk size of all indexes to installed RAM of all master blades, expressed as percentage of the amount of installed RAM of all master blades.

SAP is advising (in the same note quoted as above) to keep this value under 50%. That would be to have BWA in correct sizing.

Coming finally to the point how to find what fill level in your BWA is? All you need is to run BWA Support toolkit (again see note quoted above). Toolkit is basically ABAP report called ZBWA_TOOLKIT. On its main screen choose BWA Summary button:


On next screen you get just accept all settings as they are provided and execute the report. Here’s my output - pretty bad. But it is just test system environment :-)

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