Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Magic of unwanted

It is really surprising and very funny those sudden moments which can be described as “magic of unwanted”. Usually it comes much unexpected. I was same case also for me this time. I was just looking on data load request in Manage table of some cube in TA RSA1. I was scrolling up and down… 
Yep, for first sight nothing is unusual there…

But if you have a closer look you just realize it… :-)

One more zoom here:

-      Update 29/04/2013 –
Sometime ago SAP BW surprised me with very data load request number which was generated in very funny way. Today I encounter similar thing. This time it was with technical ID of transformation.

Actually it might not tell you anything unless you are not Slovak speaking. This word is also familiar to Czech speaking people. Actually it is not very nice word. :-)


Anonymous said...

may be it's something personal :)

Martin Maruskin said...

I thought the same :-)))