Wednesday, February 24, 2010

SAP BW 7.2 is replaced by SAP BW 7.3

-update February 24, 2013 – For BW version 7.4 refer to BW 7.4

Not even could get on the market and SAP BW 7.20 was discontinued and will be replaced by SAP BW 7.3. It was freshly announced (probably starting of calendar week 09 of 2010) that quoting: “7.20 Release will be consolidated into the SAP NetWeaver BW Release 7.30”. This is official statement form SAP as published on OSS. SAP is saying that they decided because of feedback from customers participating in its ramp-up program. Customers wanted to have BW in more complete and integrate fashion. Also there is and strong demand to have less upgrade steps. 

In upcoming version of SAP NetWeaver BW 7.30 which will benefited of a full SAP NetWeaver technology platform release will be introduced support of NetWeaver hubs. Moreover there will be tighter integration of the SAP Business Objects tools and support for SEM, enhanced Business Planning and other BW add-ons; plus support for Teradata and HP Neoview. Current development of BW 7.3 will include all features of not released 7.2 into one go-to release. 

Planned release-to-customers (RTC) for 7.30 is in the second half of 2010. 7.30 Beta program is targeted for late 1 half of year 2010.

Version 7.2 was supposed to be new big step of BW after version 7.0 introduced in 2005. Seems that SAP prefers slower product introduction just to do not make customers unhappy with not finished products.

See further details here.

For feature list of upcoming SAP BW 7.3 see this SDN paper

-    Update 08/05/2010 –
See SDN’s official news and update page regarding SAP BW 7.3.

-    Update 04/11/2010 –
See Features of SAP BW 7.3

See collection of materials related to SAP BW 7.3 


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