Monday, November 9, 2009

SAP Productivity Pak 4.0 (SPP 4.0)

The newest version of SAP Productivity Pak is released. The 4.0 version ahs following improvements:

  •   HP Quality Center Integration - Option to produce a manual test script for HP Quality Center 9.2 via the HP Quality Center Microsoft Excel Add-in  
  •   Enhanced Document Editing - Allow authors to produce high-quality procedure documents from SAP Productivity Pak by resizing and cropping screens, and by annotating screen images with callouts.
  •   Enhanced Course Experience - Allow authors to rapidly create rich eLearning courses with branching.
  •   User Management - Enhance the way SAP Productivity Pak adds and maintains users en masse.
  •   Easier Content Translation - Import/export SAP Productivity Pak course, screen titles, and template content to XLFF for translation
Notice that SAP is using a name of SPP for RWD software suite. For overview of RWD see here.

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