Tuesday, April 21, 2009

SAP IDES and its notebook

SAP was providing such a handy tool for customers and partners with a valid SAP license based on their agreement with their partnering organization. It is really notebook where you have everything installed and prepared to be used. It has its roots in SAP offering called IDES (International Demonstration and Education System). It started with R/3 only; a years ago where SAP is providing its software already preconfigured and filled up by data. Usually it comes with quite high level of installed Support Packs for particular version. In IDES you get complete installation and customizing of Model Company plus its data. The SAP model company is usually in client 800 of IDES/Training system. Only restriction is that such a system must not be used as productive one.
After providing of IDES R/3 SAP added some more software solution out of IDES set, like CRM, SCM, SRM and some Industry Solutions. BW is included in IDES as well. Currently BW is shipped with 2 versions:
  • BW 7.0 / SEM 6.0 - as a part of an integrated IDES demo landscape consists of several IDES mySAP Business Suite components: ECC 6.0, SRM 5.0, CRM 5.0, SCM 5.0; see note 1013702 - IDES BW 7.0 /SEM 6.0
  • BW 3.5/SEM 4.0 Vers.2
Now back to SAP notebook topic. Regarding availability of IDES Notebook it was limited recently. Since most likely agreement with partnering organization has expired. At the moment there is no information when it became available again. Watch put note 1314166 - IDES notebook regularly to get updates.

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