Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rebranding of SAP BI products names

As of January 2009 SAP AG has rebranded portfolio of its BI products. SAP BW which was meanwhile called NetWeaver BI (the eldest name it had was BIW) is now officially called SAP NetWeaver BW (SAP NW BW). Some other products are affected by this change as well. BI Accelerator (BIA) has now new name BWA - Business Warehouse Accelerator. By this change SAP is returning back to one of earliest name - see Short history of BW. A Term NetWeaver BI was used less then three years approximately.

Now SAP NW BW mostly comprises of classical Data warehousing functionalities like: DW management, ETL, modeling, Business planning, reporting & analyses (query, web apps), Meta data management, monitoring, Hub and spoke services, Information broadcasting, BW Accelerator. It is not very clear but based on this recent name change we can assume that term BI is going to be used more in terms of former Business Objects products portfolio. See more information on official SAP pages.

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