Monday, August 18, 2008

No clue between: mySAP BS, ERP, ECC, BBD, A1S, AIO, SBO?

Here are some key differences between several SAP’s solutions:

1. SAP Bussiness Suite (former mySAP Business Suite (BS)) is a new platform of former SAP flagship system SAP R/3. This system covers needs of big enterprises of diverse industries in variety of managing. Speaking in marketing language it is a suite of adaptable business solution for optimization of key business processes. mySAP BS is built on NetWeaver platform and is integrated to other SAP/non SAP solutions. This product fits to horizontal enterprise’s solution. Following see mySAP BS applications (former term in R/3 terminology was module and in terms of there was a term called component):
CRM - Customer Relationship Management
ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning covers core business software requirements like:
Financials (FI), Human Capital anagement Resources (HCM, former HR module of R/3), etc. ERP is basically successor of what we know as SAP R/3. ERP consists of ERP Central Component (ECC) and its EnHancement Packages (EHP).
PLM – Product Lifecycle Management
SCM - Supply Chain Management
SRM - Supplier Relationship Management

Some renaming within mySAP BS/ERP applications occurs as follows:

Old name:                                             New name:
mySAP ERP                              ->          SAP ERP
mySAP ERP 2005                      ->          SAP ERP 6.0
mySAP ERP Financials                ->          SAP ERP Financials
mySAP ERP HCM                       ->          SAP ERP HCM
mySAP ERP Operations               ->          SAP ERP Operations
mySAP ERP Corporate Services    ->          SAP ERP Corporate Services

For more information see official SAP BS pages.

2. Business ByDesign (BBD) is former SAP All-in-One (A1S) product. It is kind of software as service (SaaS) product. SAP trying to pursuit fast growing market while customers is subscribing for this software according real needs. BBD is hosted by SAP by providing technology infrastructure and services. It is targeting middle size companies. For more information see my previous posts on BBD topic or official SAP pages.

3. SAP Business All-in-One (AIO) is targeting small enterprises (SME or SMB). Solution is surrounded by 60 best practices (sometimes called baseline packages) available for SAP partners to build products on top of them. Other bundled staff is configuration tools, accelerators, product documentation and pre-sales demonstration scripts. It can be considered that AIO is SAP Business Suite (see point no.1 - above) delivered with preconfigured content for industry specific areas. SAP Business All-in-One includes:
Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
Customer relationship management (CRM)
Business analytics
SAP Best Practices
SAP NetWeaver technology platform

For more information see official SAP Business All-in-One pages.

4. SAP Business One (SBO) is solution for small enterprises (SME or SMB) market built from scratch on MS Windows platform. It has following functional areas:
Sales opportunity management
Sales – A/R
Purchasing – A/P
Business partner management
Material requirements planning (MRP)
Service management
Human resources management

For more information see official SAP SME pages.

-  update 22/01/2010 -
Here’s picture with SAP software portfolio approximately as of year 2008:


Satya said...

Would you be knowing the programming languages used to build SAP business one, and BBD ?
Also, is there support for GUI scipting tool similar to the one supported in SAP 640 ?

Martin Maruskin said...

Hi Satya, In case of SBO programming languages: they are all that are supported by Microsoft .NET Framework technology like: Basic family, C family, Java family languages. There is an SDK published by SAP to support programming of add-on for SBO.

Regarding GUI scripting support for SBO: I have no knowledge about such a support and I don't think that there is something since extension of GUI can be done based on add-ons for SBO I believe.