Wednesday, July 9, 2008

SAP Discovery Server

Here it is. Another initiative; coming from SDN to encourage developers to be interesting in SAP software. After SDN’s Mentorship program, SDN NetWeaver Subscriptions program another one is available. It is called SAP Discovery Server      and its purpose is similar to Subscription just there is a hosting of application included so you don’t need to install it by yourself. Cost of program is about 10k euros. You can use of course this program for non-production environment only as this is license agreement. It can be used for evaluation, test, demonstration, proof of concept, and other similar purposes only. It is necessary to consult this program with your SAP account executive or local SAP subsidiary to fit it to your specifics needs.
For list of Software Components/Development Tools/Integration Readiness/ and Content see on SDN here. Quite large scale of SAP software is provided. Starting with SAP ERP 6.0 through NetWeaver 7.0 (NW AS 7.0, NW MDM 5.5, NW EP 7.0, NW BI 7.0, NW PI 7.0) followed by Solution Manager 4.0 (SolMan), SAP GRC Suite 5.x, SAP xApps, SAP RFID all based on MaxDB 7.6.
Note that there are two versions of this program. For details see SDN.

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