Sunday, December 2, 2007

RWD software suite

Since approximately 2001 SAP announced cooperation with RWD Technologies in order to offer its customers solution to increase employee proficiency in using SAP solutions. Under the announcement SAP is distributing distribute SAP User Training and Performance Solutions incorporating RWD Info Pak, a suite of services and software to improve users' proficiency in working with SAP solutions. Aim of such software is combine change management and end-user training offering to accelerate implementations through the efficient development, organization and distribution of documentation, training materials and online help. SAP is offering this software suit as SAP Productivity Pack (SPP) here we need to distinguish between Europe and North America markets. While Europe software is distributed through SAP under the name SPP, in US as RWD uPerform.

If you are SAP customer and you obtained proper license you can download RWD software from in Software download section -> Download (from the navigation left panel) -> Installations and upgrades -> Entry by application group -> Installations and Upgrades -> Education Products. You will be able to see the RWD Info Pak product list and view the Information page on Info Pak and download it.

RWD Info Pack has following 4 components:

RWD Info Pak–Publisher – generates documentation by recording SAP transactions, creates printed or on-line materials in different formats for end-user training, support, configuration, documentation or testing.

RWD Info Pak– Glossary – is a database to maintain terms and definitions for process documentation created using Publisher. Definitions are automatically synchronized with all documentation. In that way user documentation is maintained quickly and accurately.

RWD Info Pak–Web Architect - creates customizable websites to tract documentation projects. Project training manager can create multiple views of all kinds of web content, whether produced by Publisher or another application. It also maintains project completion statuses so you can monitor and report on projects.

RWD Info Pak–Help Launchpad - creates context-sensitive links from your documentation directly into the SAP Help System. With Launchpad users can find the help they are looking for directly from within SAP transactions and without having to click on a separate desktop icon or link to a search page.


Anand said...

I was benefitted by this information. I was struggling to know the difference between SAP Productivity composer and SAP uPerform.


Anonymous said...

Anand, SAP Productivity Pak and SAP Uperform, they are the same soft. Realy the name is RWD UperForm, but SAP sells it by the name SPP.

Anonymous said...

I can recoed and edit lessons using my SPP software but the lessons are failing to play back, can anybody help?

Aditya A. Gupta said...

Can someone provide me the latest link to download this software as I cant find this software in SAP Download portal. I tried searching with SPP.

Thanks in advance.
Aditya G

Martin Maruskin said...

Hi Aditya G,
According SAP note "1590899 - Domain name change of SAPFulfillment page from RWD to Ancile" RWD was renamed to Ancile. Also I'm not able to find any of these product on SMP to be downloaded. Therefore try to contact your account manager in order to see how you can download it.

BR, sapper

Anonymous said...

My web architect database ipw file was deleted but thankfully restored. Now that the file has been restored I am unable to add new documents to the database. Help?