Saturday, October 13, 2007

SAP certification options

Recently SAP has changed its certification program. They call is as multi their program. There are 3 certification levels:

1. Associate certification – for SAP beginners e.g. junior’s positions.
2. Professional certification – for those who have project proven experience, business knowledge and are skilled with SAP in details.
3. Master certification – the highest level for experts in special SAP areas who can design the solution based on SAP.

See more at SAP certification page and find certification that suits best for you.
If you pass certification test at some of level you are eligible to represent you by SAP certification logos:

Even that there are still doubts about necessity of SAP certification and a lot of geeks say that no certification can replace strong project track SAP certification might help somebody to get on board of SAP fleet.

- Update as of 3rd of June 2008 –
For BI certification currently following certification curriculums are available:

  1. SAP Certified (Delta Certification) Solution Consultant SAP NetWeaver '04s SAP BI
Booking code: C_DBW35_04S; details
  1. SAP Certified Solution Consultant SAP NetWeaver 2004s – BI
Booking code: C_TBW45_04S; details
  1. SAP Certified Application Associate - BI with SAP NetWeaver 7.0
Booking code: C_TBW45_70; details


Anonymous said...

Does anybody have experience with SAP certification exams?

JayHos said...

Just took the TERP10 Certification Exam. It was great. Lot of work in two weeks. Wrote a review at

Manish Thakur said...


Your's ia a wonderful blog. Thank you for spreading the knowledge on SAP specific areas.

I'm, now a days, enrolled in BI training from SAP education and plan to take the certification exam for C_TBW45_70 in the month of Feb-2011.
Will you be able to kindly guide me to a best approach to prepare for the exam and also on some sample questions or scenarios.

I eagerly await your reply.


Martin Maruskin said...

Hi Manish,
I did C_TBW45_70 in Dec 2008. Materials that I sturdiest most are those TBW*. As those trainings are dedicated to SAP partners I found them very useful. On other hand real hand-on experience with SAP BW is must as well. W/o this I'm not sure either I would pass the certification.
I keep my fingers crossed for you.

Anonymous said...

I want to appear in C_TBW45_70 exam as soon as possible But I have knowledge of 3.x can you please mentioned some sap notes which give me information about what is discarded of 3.x in BI7 and what is add in BI7. thanks