Sunday, September 16, 2007

ORACLE to buy ARIS and what’s an impact on SAP?

There are rumors on the market about possible purchase of ARIS product by ORACLE from IDS Scheer company or event buyout of IDS Scheer as a company by ORACLE.

What would be a purpose? ORACLE is trying to build meta data integration layer that would enable ARIS’s business models interpretation directly to ORACLE application like: E-Business, PeopleSoft, JDE, Siebel, etc. ORACLE is selling ARIS already with its own Fusion product. This is suite of programs of ORACLE’s business process management (BPM) portfolio. Within this suite IDS Scheer’s Process Management Platform is a part of it. Now ORACLE has greater plans. E.g. to build middle tier optimized for process models which would be a part of Fusion Middleware Oracle as SOA vendor would get big portion here. If ORACLE would buy ARIS it would save development effort for such an application. Buy is very often better then to develop it by is self.

At the moment IDS Scheer is very famous partner of SAP now it becomes an important partner of ORACLE. As it was in many cases in past, ORACLE used to buy own self partners. ORACLE is not commenting these rumors of course.

The question is what lost SAP if such a buyout will come. It is not a question of one partner but a huge portion of market I think. So another possibility that SAP would hurry up to make step of IDS Scheer acquisition first.

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