Friday, August 31, 2007

SDN NetWeaver Subscriptions program

SAP’s online developer community which is a part of SAP ecosystem called SDN is launching NetWeaver Subscriptions program. Once the program will be introduced you can obtain through this subscription program an access to the full SAP NetWeaver stack - for a subscribed period paid by a reasonable subscription fee. SDN means by term NetWeaver stack following components: Developer Studio, Development Infrastructure, ABAP stack, BI, XI, MDM, Portal, VC... The solution will not be some online access to servers which are running NetWeaver but subscriber gets a box with the DVDs, but also access to the Service Marketplace, the OSS, the Enterprise Services Workplace and the Virtual TechEd sessions, and SDN is promising a lot of other useful things (premium presence in the forums). More information about the motivation to this program can be found in this blog and you can register yourself to program here.

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