Wednesday, March 7, 2007

SAP NetWeaver is 10 years old!

SAP NetWeaver is 10 years old!

Some analysts say that SAP NetWeaver was born approximately before 10 years. The main events were:

· TopTier has been founded as a company at 1997, later on in 2001 was acquired by SAP AG and their portal technology became foundation of SAP Enterprise Portal.

· SAP AG rolled out SAP BW in 1997.

· SAP’s ITS (Internet Transaction Server) and IACs (Internet Application Components) was introduced in 1997. Those technologies are foundations of SAP Web Application Server.

· In 1998 Symbol, Abaco and 3Com’s Palm introduced development initiative which became foundation of SAP NetWeaver Mobile Infrastructure.

For more details see Happy 10th birthday, NetWeaver.


Anonymous said...

10 year old? Any update during this time?

Unknown said...

Hello, can someone give me an advice on installing SAP NetWeaver ABAP 7.0 trial version, please?
After installing the application server and SAP management konsole and stopping the application server following message pops up. The same message pops up after installing SAP GUI and starting the application server again.
Can this be caused by bad installation of MS Loopback Adapter on my Windows Vista?

============== Stopping System NSP ================

========= Stopping ABAP instance ====

23.05.2009 15:28:06

23.05.2009 15:28:16

========= Stopping database instance ...

The MaxDB Database Stopper, Version
Copyright 2000-2008 by SAP AG

Error! Connection failed to node (local) for database NSP:
-24700,ERR_DBMSRV_NOSTART: Could not start DBM server.
-24701,ERR_EXHNDLR: Could not initialize exception handler.
-24748,ERR_FILEOPEN: Error opening file C:\sapdb\data\wrk\dbmsrv_DATART-PC.err
-24826,ERR_NIERROR: Can not open file 'C:\sapdb\data\wrk\dbmsrv_DATART-PC.err'.
(System error 5; Přístup byl odepřen.)

Error: Error while calling dbmcli
"C:\sapdb\programs\pgm\dbmcli" -d NSP -u *,* db_offline -nc

============== Stop database failed !

Thanks for any advice on this.


Martin Maruskin said...

Hi Milan, I'm very sorry I haven't faced this type of error during my installation. Definitely I would try:
1. to install miniSAP w/o MS Loopback adapter->better to connect your machine to real network.
2. I would try to install it on WIN XP, I do not consider Vista as stable system yet.

Prajem vela zdaru!